Full Service Recruitment

Workscan offers four (4) types of Full Service Recruitment:

  1. Staff - Exclusive listing - You list your job exclusively with Workscan and your investment is 12% of salary package + gst
  2. Staff - Open listing -You list your job, and/or list with other firms. Your investment is 15% of salary package + gst
  3. Contract - Open listing: You list your job and/or list with other firms.. We manage the contracting at market rates
  4. Contract - Exclusive listing. You list your job exclusively with Workscan. We manage the contracting at market rates less 15% of agency margin.

For both Staff full service recruitment options, we offer a 90 day replacement guarantee and psychometric testing for your preferred candidate.

" I had the pleasure of Workscan finding me a placement with an exceptional company that has given me the role, remuneration and job satisfaction I w..."
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Project Services Coordinator
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